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[Traducción ] Metal Hammer : Operaguide (1999) - Artículos


Turn the Operaglasses a little bit sharper.The curtain rises and we look about the highlight from this Metal-Opera season:Nightwish and their second work:OCENABORN.
To say it truly,it had turned my tie together with my dinner jacket as I risked my ear.Such a great movement from classical music and powerfull Heavy Metal was not there since Therions greatest Album THELI (1996)
The biggest part carries Songwriter Tuomas Holopainen with singer Tarja Turunen.
The word "singer" can be findly used without any abstinence (and now I can be euphoric) The heavensgate opens with the voice ( I believe that was too much)
"Tarja and I are old schoolmates" tells Tuomas."She´s studying canto since 3 years and is dreaming from a opera carrier.That´s her biggest wish.Actual she don´t like hard music very much,let alone to mean business.It changes decent." 1997 begans the Fins as a pure accoustic project before they republished ANGELS FALL FIRST as their debut,which contents the typical Metal-Elements. (BANG!) and earns good cutubus.Not a patel on but however the Thing what is going on now.
"if I have a look on the finnish Charts,I feel griddy."laughs the guitarist.
Number 1 at the singles (Sacrament of Wilderness) from 0 to 5 in the LP charts as well the price as "Best Newcomer band"
Above all that the scandinavian Country don´t belong to the third Metal world and the Competition is very high.Phantasmagonic are not only the sales figures,the lyrics too.
It swarms from magically metaphors and romantical Elements.
The fan from Hans Christian Anderssen is inspired by Fantasys,Daydreams and other better worlds.There is no boarder for the humans,everything is possible.
"I would like to have,amitedly,this childisch sights maintained.If all people would stay a "Child" would be our lifes more easier."
he forces the door open.Who won´t like to eat the whole day candies,to bore in the nose and (Attention!)to kick against the operaball?

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