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[Artículo original] Nightwish - Stuttgart 2005 (2005-03-13) - Revistas

Author: Silvia Deurwaarder

Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart, Germany
February 28th 2005
Nightwish and Tristania

It is the last show for Nightwish from their European ‘Once’ tour and it will be a special night. It’s the fist time that there were so many people in one venue to see Nightwish. More than 10.000 arrived this Monday evening to see the show. For me it was long ride, more than 7 hours till we arrived at the venue. It was a very chaotic day because I had to arrange so many things and everything was not going very well. I was a bit nervous because we had to wait so long before we got in, but after all I can say that is was more than worth it!


This is also the last show for them together with Nightwish. After this they have some new tours coming up, but in Europe they’ll be back on some summer festivals. The band had a hard time on tour: the audience wasn’t always that great, problems with venues, but after all they managed to deliver a good show every time.

The band starts with songs from the new record Ashes. This time the audience in the front is very enthusiastic and sings along the lines of “Shadowman” and “Circus.” The band plays well and the quality of the sound is very well. This time the voice of Vibeke is very good to hear (even better than on the record). Her voice is sometimes a bit broken, because she has a cold, but that doesn’t matter: it gives an extra dimension to the songs and shows her emotions. After some songs all goes better and is she back on the higher level. Both men perform very well and their voices were good today. The band is not that energetic as a week ago, but more relaxed, so I had the change to see more details. The drum parts are more to the front now and the whole sound is very impressive.

The first thing I see is that Vibeke wears some new clothes. A beautiful blue corset with a black skirt and she looks very natural and her movements are very expressive. An eye catcher is little frontman Kjetil who runs around and really has a lot of contact with the audience. Østen, who most of the time stands very relaxed behind his microphone, also shows more emotion and reacts to the audience. The whole venue is sold out and everyone seems to enjoy it, this reflects on the band. When they play some old songs from ‘Beyond the Veil’ they can’t do anything wrong anymore. This gives such a good feeling that the whole band shows a strong connection with each other and it really makes it a dynamic show.

Music 8
Performance 8
Sound 7
Light 7
Total 8


The audience has to wait for a while, but time goes fast when you can listen to Iron Maiden when the crew is changing the stage. The intro starts and everything is dark; just a simple spotlight on the backdrop of Tristania. Slowly it falls down and unveils the cover of ‘Once’ with the fallen angel. Suddenly the band is on stage and kick of with ‘Nemo’.

The band plays a perfect show, everything is complete. The band is really into the songs from the beginning and they show a lot of power in their sound. Tarja moves a lot and her voice is very clear, even in this big venue. The guitar lines from Emppu are good to hear and the rest of the band has a good sound as well.

The whole band has a lot of fun with each other tonight. Emppu, Marco and Tuomas are often standing next to each other and make some funny poses. The audience is full of energy which helps to put the show on a higher level. The band has a special chemistry this night and they all feel it. Even Jukka in the back has a strong connection with the audience. It seems like the show is more open than ever. Marco is so exited that he doesn’t even know where to start when he start to talk: “I want to thank you all, because this night was historical for Nightwish. We never played for such a big audience”. Everyone has a big smile on their face and it seems like the band will almost explode due to their energy. The one who shows this the most is Tuomas. Behind his keyboard he moves so much that I am afraid that he shall fall down. Tarja also shows more emotion than she ever did. When finally the last song is played the band is worn but happy. I wait for them when they run of the stage: a sweaty Marco screams to me that he will never forget this. A tired and even more sweaty Tuomas is silent for some seconds to catch his breath again. Then he smiles and says: “The energy was back that was such a great feeling!”
You can’t imagine a better end to this tour than this night. During the after party the whole band is very close to each other and the atmosphere is relaxed. When I finally go home I almost feel honoured that I was there this night.

Music 9
Performance 9
Sound 8
Light 8
Total 9 (8.5)

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