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[Traducción ] Metal Heart: An Eye on Tuomas Holopainen (2004-12) - Entrevistas

Civil name:
Tuomas Lauri Johannes Holopainen


Place of Residence:

First CD you bought yourself:
Alive from KISS

Last bought CD:
Black Diversity from Entwine

Your most valuable CD:
Everything from The Third And The Moral – who first inspired to make heavy metal with female vocals

First concert (as guest):
Monsters Of Rock in Helsinki, with 13 years

Last concert (as guest):
PEDA, a Finnish Newcomer – three girls playing punkrock; an incredible live-band

Stranges practicized job:
I studied ecology science

What do you appreciate about a woman?
The common things like honesty and humour: just the things that count.

What do you hate about a woman?
That must sound stupid, but I don't like it at all when a woman picks her meal to pieces in a restaurant, because she doesn't like this and that. Or if women hold diet all the time, which makes me also livid.

A characteristic you are proud of:
Ich kann recht feinsinnig sein und merke, was in anderen Menschen vorgeht: dementsprechend rücksichtsvoll kann ich mich auch verhalten.

A characteristic you hate about yourself:
I am often too quiet and non-communicative; I sometimes wish I could talk more unselfconsciously, especially to strangers.

What would you have become if not a musician?

Do you do any sports?
Not really, and I do have a bad conscience about it; once a year I go hiking in North Lapland.

What kind of a car do you drive?
A Toyota Corolla

Your best own song:
At the moment Creek Mary`s Blood from our new album

Your worst own song:
Would never appear on a CD; but if, maybe something from the first album.

Your aim in life:
I would love to administer a soundtrack to a movie one day – this is a very big dream, I really want to satisfy.

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